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450 Amman strays receive care on free veterinary day

By Batool Ghaith - Oct 23,2021 - Last updated at Oct 24,2021

A veterinarian tends to a cat during a free veterinary day organised by Vetzone on October 15 (Photo courtesy of Alaa Shehadeh)

AMMAN — During Vetzone’s free veterinary day on October 15, the clinic was able to provide dire medical care to 450 stray dogs and cats in Amman. 

Alaa Shehadeh, manager and owner of Vetzone Veterinary Clinic, indicated that he decided to hold the free veterinary day because stray animals in Jordan “are everywhere in our neighbourhoods”. 

“We decided to dedicate a whole day in our schedule for the stray animals. We asked people to bring any stray cat or dog to get examined and vaccinated,” Shehadeh told The Jordan Times over the phone on Saturday.

According to Shehadeh, there were eight veterinarians who worked nonstop from 9am to 7pm performing different medical procedures. The veterinarians in total preformed 30 neuters and spay operations for cats and dogs.

“We received more than 2,000 people during the day and managed to treat 450 cases,” he said.

Shehadeh noted that this is not the first time the clinic has done a free veterinary day. “This was our 9th time, but we stopped during the pandemic. We look forward to having more free days to help more animals, which will be possible if we get more donors,” he said. 

The goal behind this campaign is to teach people that animals do not belong “in the garbage on the streets; they should be cared for”, Shehadeh said.

“We aim to control the stray animal population to prevent and reduce animal abuse, through the TNR (trap, neuter, release) method,” he added.

Shehadeh expressed hope to continue the initiative in the future on a seasonal basis:“It was surprising how many people showed up… Once the material hurdle is lifted, people want to help and contribute in rescuing the stray animals.” 

“I am very optimistic about this and we are trying to get more donors and have more successful days like this,” he said.

Karam Jaber, a 24-year-old Jordanian, said that he always tries to feed and help the stray cats in his neighbourhood.

“I love helping them, they now know me and run towards me when they see me in the street. It is a very satisfying feeling to help a defenceless stray animal and I always make sure to tell the kids not to hurt them,” Jaber told The Jordan Times on Saturday.

Jaber noted that he took one of the stray kittens to get treatment for an eye infection during the free veterinary day. “I am very glad that we have something like this in Jordan. As a student, I cannot afford to take a stray cat to the veterinary clinic. The free day is such a great idea.”

Jaber indicated that the cat is doing much better after receiving the needed treatment.


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