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1,000 vulnerable youth receive GJU scholarship

By Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto - Feb 21,2018 - Last updated at Feb 21,2018

AMMAN — Over 1,000 Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians from host communities are getting the chance to pursue higher education through a set of scholarship programmes implemented by the German Jordanian University (GJU). 

Supporting the No Lost Generation strategy, the initiative aims to “provide those affected by the conflict with the chance to shape a more stable and secure future, granting Syrian refugees with advanced training and education to contribute to the future efforts of rebuilding the Syrian economy”, GJU sources told The Jordan Times. 

Funded by the European Union through the EU Regional Trust Fund "Madad", the programme aims to reach out to 1,390 Syrians and vulnerable Jordanians, with 1,289 students enrolled in different higher education programmes so far. 

“In partnership with Zarqa University, Al Quds College, Yarmouk University and the Jordanian University of Science and Technology, we are offering students the opportunity to enroll in several bachelor and degree programmes,” EDU-SYRIA Project Manager Dhiah Abou-Tair told The Jordan Times, noting that vocational degree programmes are also available.

Asked about the experience in the initiative up to this point, Abou-Tair said that “Syrian refugees are extremely talented, positioned among the top students in their classes in terms of grades.”

“Before getting this scholarship, I was working here and there in order to sustain myself and my family, but I couldn't imagine a bright future,” said Hamza, who is currently pursuing a pharmacy degree through the scholarships programme. 

“The future is still unclear, but I always knew that it is very important to be educated,” the student added, expressing hopes to pursue a master's after the bachelor's degree in order to “keep on living the dream”.

Syrian refugee Hamed is also looking forward to starting a master's degree once he finishes his bachelor's in medical analysis at Zarqa University next year, a program in which the student enrolled through the EDU-SYRIA initiative. 

“We are absolutely pleased with their performance, but we acknowledge that many more scholarships are needed,” Abou-Tair added, pointing out that the GJU is currently looking for more donors in order to “keep supporting vulnerable youth”.

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