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The world needs bridges of peace, not walls

Jan 30,2019 - Last updated at Jan 30,2019

Dear Sir,

I want to make reference to the article by Mr. Jawad Anani, published in The Jordan Times on January 29, under the title Relocate the Wall, in which Mr Anani describes a series of disturbing trends that characterise the current international situation and the desire of the US president to build a border wall. He then mentions a possibility that would presumably be inexpensive for that purpose, and that would contribute to restoring world peace. 

The world does not need the relocation of walls to achieve peace, but building more bridges, real and figurative, between countries and peoples in order to overcome intolerance and poverty. Border security and the prosperity of neighbouring communities is achieved only through dialogue and cooperation among the parties. 

The magic formula suggested by the author does not help us imagine a better world of peace, justice and well-being for all. We will all be closer to peace when we desire for our brothers the same that we want for ourselves.


Enrique Rojo

Ambassador of Mexico to Jordan

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