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Peace on clear basis

Apr 10,2014 - Last updated at Apr 10,2014

There are few people, who do not want peace, no matter what. The majority wants peace that is just.

In the case of Israel and the Arab world, the formula would be peace for land.

Peace talks between Arabs and Israelis started in 1978. Since then, only two Arab countries signed peace treaties with Israel: Egypt and Jordan.

As per the treaties, the two Arab countries regained every single inch of their land.

Peace talks with the other Arab countries in conflict with Israel will keep on going forever unless Israel gives back all the land it occupied in 1967.

There are two pending files between the Israelis and the Palestinians: land and refugees.

It should be understood that there are no winners and losers in making peace; all parties involved stand to win.

At the same time, there are sacrifices that have to be made by both sides to arrive at peace.

The key is that all Israelis should live in Israel (including settlers) and all Palestinians should live in Palestine (including the refugees).

Moreover, all Palestinian refugees who were forced out of their homes should be allowed to return.

As Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said, Israeli settlers and Palestinian refugees are two distinct and different issues.

Israel keeps distracting attention from the bigger picture by concentrating on smaller issues, such as prisoners or who should police the area and, worst, by continuing to build settlements.

Swapping land should not be acceptable. All the Palestinian land on which settlements are built will have to revert to the Palestinians in a final peace treaty. Demolishing them should not be acceptable, only evacuating them.

If the Palestinians are to accept an extension of peace negotiations, this should be made based on regaining total control over the land captured in 1967.

All UN resolutions have to be complied with by all countries worldwide.

Nizar S. Sawalha,

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