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Lesson from a child

May 08,2016 - Last updated at May 08,2016

Watching the documentary about Omar Khader on Al Jazeera English, for the second time, I felt compelled to write this letter to the world.

Omar was the youngest detainee in the Guantanamo Bay Prison. Born a Canadian, he was taken by his father at the age of 15 for charity work in Afghanistan where he taught English to the fighters after September 11.

He got shot in an ambush by US troops. Among the massive casualties, Omar lay half dead with two large holes in his chest.

He was treated and survived, although he lost his left eye and was left with a badly hurt right eye.

He was flown then to the Guantanamo Bay Prison where he suffered the worst abuse and mistreatment a young boy could endure (documented by media coverage) for 13 long years.

Later bailed out to Canada, after a guilty plea, he was put in jail where a prisoner attempted to stab him.

His Canadian lawyer who had full faith in him gave him refuge in his home.

To watch Omar now, a handsome, grown man nearly 30 years old, with a unique, peaceful, smile on his face and with no trace of hatred in him, talking about his ordeal made me real proud of him.

I want to tell the entire world that many more “Omars” live amongst us, people who suffered tremendously and still could “forgive” those who did them wrong.

Looking at him made me wish to tell the world, especially the West, that there are still people filled with love, peace and forgiveness, and that we need to open our minds and eyes to see them.

There is so much to learn from this young man called Omar.

We must show humanity, stop being prejudiced, and give love, care, dignity and peace a chance.

Omar has shown that we, “God’s creations”, can learn to live together in harmony.

I hope the West starts accepting “humanity” as a priority and that it learns forgiveness.

God bless Omar Khader.

Barbara Burgan,

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