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Getting one’s act together

May 07,2017 - Last updated at May 07,2017

The situation around us these days is nothing but sad and bleak.

All over the globe, human beings are sad and unhappy; we have lost our basic humanity for cheap values.

Were we not taught by our parents and teachers that peace, love and care conquer everything?

Why, then, do we behave against such teachings?

This planet was shaken by World War I and II, but today it is facing an even wider-scale conflict.

Despite all the progress made and all the organisations created to keep the planet healthy and peaceful, we have, sadly, made it worse.

The United Nations has lost its legitimacy. Erratic, immoral and immature leaders around the world make their countries misbehave while the rest close their eyes to their deeds.

Our future is at stake.

Future generations will suffer tremendously as we are going towards self-destruction.

Leaders of this world should promptly start to serve their countries and the world at large selflessly, caringly and in earnest before it is too late.

Humanity should work to sort its problems out, by focusing on major issues: wars, climate change, famines and water crisis, amongst many.

Leaders should work to help people become self sufficient, productive, educated and healthy.

The UN and US (the superpower) should solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all, not by taking sides or keeping silent.

And we, individuals, should do our part.

Silence may be gold, but not speaking out against injustices near or far is evil, and makes one automatically a participant in the crime.


Barbara Burgan,


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