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Coldplay’s warmest gift to Jordan

Nov 25,2019 - Last updated at Nov 25,2019

I wanted to start by describing who Coldplay is and what they mean to the music world but I decided against it. However, I have to mention that they are the Last of the Mohicans in the music industry and one of few bands that use music to spread their unmatched deep message of oneness and togetherness. Not only is ColdPlay’s music entertaining; their lyrics help in self-realisation, so they have not only created respectable content but have impacted their audience too.

“Everyday Life” is their latest double album composed of 16 songs, all floating through the day from sunrise till sunset. This album was released and played for the first time here in our beloved Jordan. 

Yes, they are a band of their word. They chose to “go back to the start”  to begin their new tour, to a place they have never performed in before, a place bands like them rarely come to, a gift to this country which has been struggling with refugees coming from all troubled Middle Eastern countries ­— a gift that was so personal to every Jordanian, we felt like it was our trophy for all the humanitarian work we have undertaken, the role we chose to step up to and the torch we will never drop. 

Coldplay started their rehearsal and recorded their songs at Amman Citadel, this historical site that goes back to the seventh century AD, a place from which philosophy and civilisation spread throughout history. 

Now comes Coldplay to grab that torch and greet the start of a new era in which humanity prevails and to convey a message of love and togetherness. 

When I first heard the album, I had no doubt that I would enjoy good music; it was obvious that Coldplay put in the effort, hard work and creativity. Then I heard it again, and the secret doors to their powerful message opened wide. 

Every milestone in this album, from Sunrise, Orphans, Daddy, Arabesque, Guns and Broken all the way to Everyday Life, teaches us love and tolerance.  

I am still at a loss for the words to thank Chris, Will, Phill, Guy and Jonny for being “The Scientists” by “Coming Back to the Start”.

We now hear you even closer.


Omar F. Eltaweel

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