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Your newborn: 36 feeding tips

By Razan Rousan , Family Flavours - Sep 30,2018 - Last updated at Sep 30,2018

Photo courtesy of Family Flavours magazine

By Razan Rousan*


If you are breast feeding


• Start feeding as soon as possible; the earlier the better

• Get in a comfortable position, tummy to tummy

• The more you feed the baby, the more milk there will be

• The best way to hold your breast is like a cup with four fingers under the breast and the thumb on top

• Most of the brown aureole around the nipple should be in your baby’s mouth

• Keep eye contact with you baby while feeding. Eat well before feeding; you just need an extra 500 calories

• To increase your milk, drink a lot of water, fluids, milk and unsalted almonds

• Avoid coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol

• Avoid spicy food, chocolates, onions, cauliflower, salty food and beans to help your baby not to get gassy

• Freeze your milk; it can remain in the refrigerator up to 24 hours and in the freezer for up to three months. Label the container with the date

• Avoid heating bottles in microwaves

• In the first month, do not worry if you find yourself feeding the baby all the time; that is good for you both

• By the second month, your baby will start feeding regularly every two hours

• You might worry because you cannot see how much your baby is drinking, but if your baby is putting on weight, has wet nappies more than seven times a day and sleeps well, then there is no need to worry 

• Your baby may fall asleep while being fed. Tickle his chin softly and he will start again

• Keep a log of your feeding

• Try to change the nappy before feeding so you baby can be more comfortable and if he or she falls asleep at the end of the feeding, you will not need to wake him for changing


If you’re bottle feeding


• Clean and sanitise all the feeding equipment

• Choose the right formula that suits your baby

• It takes more time to digest milk formula, so your baby will probably be hungry every three hours

• Before feeding your baby, squirt some drops of the milk on your palm to check the temperature

• It is better to burp the baby every 50ml then to continue feeding

• Do not force your baby to finish the bottle

• If your baby stops drinking suddenly, take out the bottle gently from his mouth and make sure it is not blocked 

• Always try to change the nappy before feeding

• Keep eye contact while feeding your baby


Burping your baby


• You can burp your baby in different positions: while she’s sitting or with her head on your shoulder or with her lying on her tummy over your lap

• If you are holding your baby and his head is on your shoulder, gently massage his back to the right (if you are sitting) and to the left if you are standing (this seems to work!) 

• Always use a clean burping towel

• If it is taking too long, just tickle down his back

• Let your baby burp between and after feeding from each breast or after each 50ml of bottle


Colicky baby


Remember it is not your fault and experts estimate that up to 40 per cent of babies become colicky. Here is what can help: 

• Burp your baby well after each feed

• Massage your baby’s tummy using a little olive oil

• Use a colic blanket (available in baby stores)

• If you are breast feeding, watch what you eat, like avoiding spices, chocolate, onions, beans, cabbage and cauliflower

*The content has been adapted for Family Flavours from Razan Rousan’s book “Tiny Tips”.


Reprinted with permission from Family Flavours magazine

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