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Nissan e-NV200 Evalia: Spacious, silent seven-seater

By Ghaith Madadha - Feb 26,2018 - Last updated at Feb 26,2018

Photo courtesy of Nissan

Updated for 2018, the all-electric passenger version of Nissan’s utilitarian mid-size MPV and van line, the e-NV200 Evalia is a spacious and silent seven-seater that would be of particular interest and relevance to Jordanian motorists. With improved battery range since its recent revision, the e-NV200 is not currently listed as part of Nissan’s official Jordanian fleet.

Ideal for crowded Jordanian roads, and big families with its huge cabin and compact size, the e-NV200’s exclusive electric drive also well-positions it to benefit from EV tax concessions.

Space and utility

Bearing a family resemblance to other Nissans with its swept back boomerang headlights, the e-NV200’s grille is replaced with a panel that covers its plug-in recharging port. Designed with a low slanted bonnet, big front glasshouse and rakish A-pillars for clear and commanding road visibility and good aerodynamics, the e-NV200’s body is, however, tall, boxy and uniformly shaped beyond the front pillars. This allows for excellent space utilisation and passenger headroom, while a long wheelbase provides decent ride stability and generous legroom.

Usefully cavernous, clean and with obvious appeal for businesses operating mainly in urban conditions in panel van guise, the seven seat Evalia model, however, has particular potential as a chauffeured business vehicle for hotels, airlines and other business. It is, however, possibly more useful as potential family transportation in Jordan, where its electric motor provides cost efficient, particularly in economically chaste times. Meanwhile with the safety of seven formal seats to accommodate large families, the e-NV200 Evalia is at its best in terms of efficiency and range operating in city conditions.


Quiet efficiency


Powered by an AC synchronous electric motor driving the front wheels through a single-speed automatic gearbox, the e-NV200 develops 187lb/ft torque and 107BHP, which allows it to carry its 1689kg mass through 0-100km/h in 14-seconds. With its torque instantly available from moving off, the e-NV200 seems quicker and more responsive than headline figures suggest. With torque so readily and immediately available, the e-NV200’s accelerator pedal can, however, more gradually dial in power and responsiveness for a more fluid and intuitive experience.

Nearly silent operating, a distant electric motor whine lends more involvement when the e-NV200 is pressed hard. Confident and responsive on inclines at moderate speeds, the e-NV200 rate of acceleration diminishes somewhat as it nears its official 123km/h top speed.

Driven in strong head winds on strong inclines on coastal highways in Tenerife, Spain, the e-NV200 regularly exceeded its top speed by some 10km/h. Updated for further single charge driving without increasing the size of its 40Kw battery pack, the e-NV200’s claimed range is 301km in the city and 200km on the combined cycle.


Supple comfort


A potentially popular people carrier for Jordan, the e-NV200’s immediate torque and increased range would be well-suited to Amman’s hilly topography. However, and as with all electric vehicles, generous range estimates are reduced with aggressive driving, accelerator input and high speed.

Meanwhile, the e-NV200 charging time, depending on conditions is quoted at 40-60 minutes from low battery alert to 80 per cent charge, with a high capacity 50Kw charger, when available. More commonly, its 7Kw charger takes 7.5-hours for a full charge. Domestic electric charging is possible, but hardly convenient at 21.5-hours. 

A comfortable ride with MacPherson strut front suspension and slim and supple 185/65R15 tyres, the e-NV200 well absorbs road imperfections and is refined and quiet inside. Settled and smooth at moderate speeds, it can feel less settled at high speed and in strong crosswinds, where its rugged torsion beam and leaf spring would be better planted with more cargo or passengers, while its tall flanks — good for space efficiency — mean that one has to correct steering input to counteract heavy wind forces. Meanwhile ventilated disc brakes all round perform well and are supported by electric regenerative braking force.


Generous and accommodating


Relatively narrow and with terrific front visibility and commanding driving position, the e-NV200 is easy to thread through narrow roads. Steering is light and easy, while the slim front tyres can be overpowered with sudden torque, but, however, give a good picture of the road for such a vehicle. Understeer through tight hard driven corners is corrected by easing off power or by stability control systems. 

Inside, the e-NV200 features comfortable seats and generous passenger space, while fit, finish and materials are well-assembled, practically designed and pleasant, yet not particularly exotic. 

Accessible through large and wide swing angle front doors, big sliding side doors and with large rear cargo loading access and 523mm lift-over, the e-NV200 Evalia is practical and spacious. Accommodating seven passengers comfortably including a minimum of 440-litres, and features two spacious individual front seats, 40/60 split folding three-seat middle bench, and two side-mounted fold down seats in the rear cargo area. With rear rows folded, the Evalia can also accommodate up to 3000-litres. Meanwhile numerous storage spaces, large side mirrors, colour reversing monitor and an intuitive infotainment system are also useful.


Engine: AC synchronous electric motor

Battery: 40kwh lithium-ion

Gearbox: 1-speed automatic, front-wheel-drive

Power, BHP (PS) [kW]: 107 (109) [80]

Torque, lb/ft (Nm): 187 [254]

Rev limit: 10500rpm

0-100km/h: 14-seconds

Top speed: 123km/h

Energy consumption, combined: 259Wh/km

Range, city/combined: 301/200km

Range, city / combined: 301/280km

Battery charging time, domestic supply / 7kW charger: 21.5-/7.5-hours

Battery charging time, high capacity 50kW charger: 40-60 minutes*

Height: 1,858mm

Width: 1,755mm

Length: 4,560mm

Wheelbase: 2,725mm

Track: 1,530mm

Overhang, F/R: 985/850mm

Ground clearance: 153mm

Kerb weight: 1,689kg

Payload: 561kg

Luggage volume, min/max: 440-3,000-litres

Loading height: 523mm

Sliding door width/height: 700/1,171mm

Rear door width/height: 1,261/1,228mm

Doors/seats: 5/7

Steering: Electric-assisted

Turning circle: 10.6-metres

Suspension, F/R: MacPherson strut / torsion beam, leaf spring

Brakes: Ventilated discs, regenerative braking

Tyres: 185/65R15

*From low battery alert to 80 per cent, depending on conditions

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