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CBJ starts Jordan’s e-FAWATEERcom

By Petra - Jun 28,2014 - Last updated at Jun 28,2014

AMMAN — The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) on Saturday officially launched e-FAWATEERcom system to help citizens check and pay their bills electronically via different paying outlets.

The CBJ announced in a statement that the banks which have linked to the system so far are Al Ittihad Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Jordan Commercial Bank, Arab Bank, Housing Bank, Cairo Amman Bank, Bank of Jordan, Islamic International Arab Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Societe Generale de Banque-Jordanie, Arab Banking Corporation, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Al Ahli Bank. 

The Jordan Customs Department and the three telecommunications companies for landline, mobile and Internet (Umniah, Zain Jordan and Orange Jordan) have also linked to the system. 

Mobile and Internet pre-paid charging cards service will be provided through the system within two weeks.

According to the statement, “meetings between officials from the CBJ and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology resulted in linking all e-government services to the system”. 

e-FAWATEERcom is a central system that provides reviewing and paying bills and other services electronically through linking public and private institutions at various sectors, from one side, with banks and paying service providers, on the other side. 

The system provides access to all electronic payment methods related to banks such as branches, ATM’s, banking telephone and Internet, and paying through mobile and kiosk devices.

This procedure enables citizens (consumers) to pay all their bills easily, safely and 24/7.

The central bank expects all parties to have benefits from this system such as enhancing the concept of governance in the e-payment, reducing the use of paper money, decreasing costs, time and efforts, increasing repayment rates and the flow of money, and decreasing hazards of money-typical transactions.

The system also aims at establishing a solid infrastructure for the e-government and avoiding service abruptions to citizens due to being late on payment. 

JCB referred the tender of operating and administrating the system to Madfouatcom Company for e-payment under the supervision of JCB.

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