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KOSPO-Jordan conducts 'Ramadan Food Packages Donation' ceremony at Qatarnah District

Apr 03,2024 - Last updated at Apr 05,2024

Korea Southern Power Co. Ltd. KOSPO-Jordan donated on Tuesday food parcels containing daily necessities to local Qatranah charities during the holy month of Ramadan.

KOSPO-Jordan, which is owned by the South Korean government and is the managing company of AlQatranah power plant in Jordan, conducted the donation ceremony of distributing packages to families in need at the Qatarneh District. 

Korean and Jordanian employees, Administrator of the Qatranah District Asaad Al-Lasasma, the South Gate Charitable Society, and the Sons of the Station Charitable Society had participated in the donation, which was nearly twice more of food parcels compared to last year.

“Donating to those in need in the local community of the power plant during Ramadan is a respect for Ramadan values, and this year all our employees participated voluntarily, making the donation even more meaningful. KOSPO-Jordan will continue to do so in the future." CEO Gyeong Sam Kim said.

He added “We will lead KOSPO-Jordan a model foreign company that works to improve Jordan’s environment, foster future local talent, continue volunteering for people in need, and integrate with Jordanian culture.”

Governor of the Qatranah District Asaad Al-Lasasma, expressed his thanks to KOSPO-Jordan, and specifically to the company’s employees, saying: “I would like to extend my thanks to the employees who chose to contribute to their company’s donations, which indicates great harmony with the company’s management in its orientation towards supporting the local community".

KOSPO-Jordan offered many other donation programmes in the past year, including donations of scientific equipment for science labs in schools near the power plant, aiming to help Jordanian students achieve their dreams of becoming scientists and engineers. 

It also provided smart Korean devices for learning Braille, which were manufactured using the latest Korean technology, for schools for the visually impaired, in addition to the "Green Academy" continuing education programme in cooperation with Mu'tah University in Karak aiming to develop distinguished talents in technical fields and provide job opportunities for university students.

In 2021, the company also participated in the Green Jordan Project, where it planted 3,000 trees in the area surrounding the power plant, which it waters and cares for as one of the various volunteer activities in which it is interested in participating.

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