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Jordan Media Institute and OECD support young journalism graduates and members of CSOs with media literacy skills

Nov 19,2020 - Last updated at Nov 19,2020

Young journalism graduates and members of Civil Society Organisations received training at the Jordan Media Institute, on Media and Information Literacy in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This training took place in the framework of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme and the Jordan Citizens’ Voice Project, which has been organised through the support of the Foreign Federal Office of Germany.

A key objective of these efforts is to bring together young people, stakeholders from non-profits, government and academia to pool their expertise and collaborate to develop the tools on skills to increase media literacy across the country. “Such trainings are especially relevant given a rapidly evolving media landscape and changing ways of consuming and sharing information,” according to Michael Jelenic, OECD Policy Analyst who helped to organise the trainings.

During the training, a group of 44 youths were split into three groups over three weeks and supported with skills to identify disinformation and misinformation and be more critical and responsible consumers and producers of news and information.

The sessions also included ways to identify and fight hate speech, racism and bullying. As a key output of the training, participants were trained to produce content that disseminates MIL skills and concepts in different forms including photo essays, memes, and videos which would benefit their peers and organisations. The implementation of the training programme complements OECD’s engagement with the Government of Jordan to build capacities for youth-responsive policymaking through the “Youth in Public Life” project (2016-21), financially supported by the MENA Transition Fund of the G7 Deauville Partnership.

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