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Cooperation with international companies... Everyone is a winner

By Mohammad Deeb - Sep 14,2022 - Last updated at Sep 14,2022

To combine local and international expertise means providing quality services with added value to institutions and the local community alike.

This cooperation, although it achieves financial profit, has other dimensions that are no less important, such as the transfer of knowledge, the consolidation of technology and its localization in the work to bring about the desired development, increase the efficiency of work and reduce costs.

The partnership established between Sakhtian Group and Huawei International is a vivid example of this fruitful cooperation that achieves the principle of "win-win situation", and the partnership began with the implementation of our company for a number of mega projects in the Jordanian telecommunications market using Huawei's international equipment with high efficiency in this field.

This experience allowed us to diversify our expertise in the telecommunications sector, which Huawei contributed to developing at the beginning of the second millennium, and made competition at the global level based on quality before price.

The relationship between Mounir Sakhtian Trading Group and Huawei is a strategic relationship. We have been keen to continue it through Huawei's continuous training of a number of engineers and technicians on the latest technology in the world through curricula developed by Huawei. It works to meet the needs of workers in the telecommunications sector and keep pace with the needs of the local and regional market.

The cooperation of leading local companies, with international companies such as Huawei, is a fruitful cooperation that benefits the local market and benefits all parties, and experience is the best proof.

Eng. Mohammad Deeb 
Head of Communications and Security Div.

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