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The world turns deaf ear to Arab refugees

Mar 28,2022 - Last updated at Mar 28,2022

Al Rai’s Issam Qadamani said that major powers have always been and still are the main cause of regional wars that resulted in big waves of refugees from conflict zones, in which case Jordan was the biggest affected.

The Ukrainian crisis and refugee influxes there showed dual criteria, where billions of dollars flock to Ukraine and borders and houses are open for Ukrainian refugees in the West, while refugee influxes from Arab countries were blocked and Arab refugees found themselves food for the fish after drowning in the sea, said the writer.

Major Powers blocked money to refugee host countries in the Middle East, while they offered limitless amounts to help Ukrainian refugees in Europe, said the columnist, adding that these dual criteria have racist backgrounds. The Planning Ministry, as usual, has recently prepared the 2020-2022 Jordanian Response Plan for the Syrian crisis with a total volume of some $6.6 billion, which is supposed to be financed by the international community, said the writer, adding that the international community today is not concerned with funding this plan because it has another issue, which is the Ukrainian crisis. Jordan has always refused the blackmail method that other host countries adopted to make the international community respond to the needs of Syrian refugees, and instead, the Kingdom was generous towards refugees and decided to bear the biggest share of costs of hosting refugees.


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