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We did not hear a word from government

May 20,2020 - Last updated at May 20,2020

Al Ghad’s Maher Abu Tair said that this government, and no other government, could do anything for Jordanians who will lose their jobs abroad and will return home during the next two months.

Jordan at the official level is busy with issues related to the treasury, borrowing money that surpassed JD1.25 billion, to cover financing expenditures, while during the coming period it may borrow more to cover the deficit.

Governments around the world have resorted to offering bonds, borrowing from local or foreign banks, or requested aid and loans. When more than half a million Jordanians returned from the Arab Gulf states, after the 1990 Gulf War, the governments did nothing for them, on the contrary, they paid their cars' customs, while some of them recovered after receiving war compensation.

There is an expectation that 20 per cent of Jordanians abroad will return, that means the return of 200,000 out of one million, this number may decrease and may increase, but preparations must take place during June, July and August for two scenarios of the return of Jordanians oversees.

The first should consider the return of the whole family, including the breadwinner, while the second the return of the families leaving abroad the main breadwinner.

We did not hear from the government a single word related to this issue, he said, calling on the government to stop raising morale in an exaggerated way and change the tone of the official speech to prepare the public for the upcoming changes. 


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