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Vaccines. not to forget

Apr 21,2020 - Last updated at Apr 21,2020

Al Ghad’s Sabri Rbaihat said that health and safety are two main objectives that we all seek to achieve and maintain. Three hundred years ago, Mary Montagu introduced smallpox vaccine to England after witnessing it during her stay in the Ottoman Empire.

The writer, amid the Kingdom’s effective response to the novel coronavirus crisis, expressed alarm at pausing children, notably newborns, vaccinations. He said that keeping vaccination programmes is more important than resuming the work of vehicle repair shops and allowing taxis to provide delivery services.

Given that the issue of vaccines is a priority for the Health Ministry, the writer said that it was important to remind the organisers with it, as specialists see that the situation may not bear much delay, he added. Rbaihat urged related bodies to develop on-site vaccination services that bring vaccinations to certain spots on specific dates and appointments, as such a move would remind parents, who postponed the vaccinations because of COVID-19, with the importance of this basic health need.

When it comes to vaccines, probably doctors do not want Jordanian children to head to healthcare centers to prevent their contact with un-vaccinated children who came from neighboring countries. Whatever the reasons are, the writer called on the related bodies to find a place for vaccinations on their agenda, which is occupied with coronavirus related issues.  

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