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Ukraine: The worst is yet to come

Mar 28,2022 - Last updated at Mar 28,2022

Addustour’s Mohammad Salameh referred to Ukraine’s rejection of Russia’s conditions to stop the war, highlighting that it’s fighting alone against the most powerful arsenal on earth.

The second statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defence, coinciding with the beginning of the second month of the bloody war, revealed the Russian strategy to deal with the war and the world, he said.

It is clear that the worst for Ukraine is yet to come, the writer noted. The Russian statement clarified that there was no decision to storm major cities at the beginning, in order to give Kyiv the opportunity to accept the conditions of the Russian “tsar” represented in recognising the Crimea as Russian and acknowledging the independence of the Lugansk and Donetsk republics as well as their neutrality and disarmament.

Mariupol has been destroyed and will soon be stormed as it belongs to the Donbass region, not Ukraine, according to the Russian strategy, the writer noted.

Russia Decided to put all of Ukraine under its control by isolating and besieging major cities, concentrating operations on the administrative borders of the Donbas region, and launching negotiations under Russian conditions.

President Zelensky is awaiting the worst, the writer commented, adding that Ukrainian hopes as well as Western promises will not get Ukraine out of the predicament in which it has fallen into.


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