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Threatening again

Apr 25,2020 - Last updated at Apr 25,2020

Al Ghad’s Maher Abu Tair wondered if it is sheer arrogance from the US or just an attempt to say that the pandemic will not change Washington’s policies, where sensitive issues will remain unchanged.

US President Donald Trump threatens Iran again and directs the US military to destroy any Iranian ships that try to come closer to US ships, in response to what Washington considered a Tehran attempt to tamper with US vessels a week ago, said the writer.

Iranians responded with the same language and sent threatening cables to the US, said the columnist, adding that this might lead the entire region to face a possible spark that can be ignited by a military mistake.

The world is collapsing under the COVID-19, where maps will be subject to slow political and economic restructuring unless a war is started in a way that contributes to a quick preamble to drastic changes in the world, said the writer.

The US is not a weak country to collapse that easily, which is supposed to be known for all, mainly that it is still the top power of the world, said the columnist, adding that Washington is going on with threatening Tehran and Beijing so as to make sure that these two countries will not be stronger after the pandemic.   

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