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Public sector reform

Apr 05,2022 - Last updated at Apr 05,2022

Al-Rai's Issam Qadamani said that the administrative reform or the public sector reform is a necessity not only to remove all shortcomings and corruption, but also to identify the government priorities and its mechanism in a way that keeps pace with modernity.

There are several committees that almost finished preparing administrative reform visions with points including benefiting from technology, digital transformation and automation, which does not necessarily mean ending the age of paper transactions rather than using them in the minimum, said the writer.

Just like economic and political reforms, the administrative reform also has enemies who want to maintain the existing condition for certain benefits or out of fear of change, added the columnist.

The country does not only need a white revolution in the public sector, but also in all sectors, just like that Jordan witnessed in 2000 and changed the Kingdom into a beehive before that revolution faced a setback due to the global financial crisis and later the Arab spring, added the writer.

The administrative reform should entail a financial reform, especially that more than 80 per cent of current expenditure are salaries for the public sector, said the columnist. 


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