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Positive sides of pandemic in the time of coronavirus

May 11,2020 - Last updated at May 11,2020

Ad Dustour’s Mohammed Obaidat said that coronavirus cross-border pandemic, which mobilised the world’s armies and medical cadres, paralysed global economy and killed tens of thousands people, while others are waiting disastrous consequences, has various positive effects.

As concern over the spread of coronavirus grows, the virus demonstrated people’s need for spirituality and increased their faith. COVID-19 also has brought families, around the world, closer together, and enhanced social cohesion.

The crisis also restored confidence between civilians and the governments that handled the pandemic strictly to protect their lives.

At the political level, coronavirus will upend the global political and economic maps, he said, expecting, during the coming days, radical changes related to the dominance of the world’s superpowers and reshaping of the political alliances and highlighting the emergence of new players on the political arena. He added that the virus seems to be having positive effect on traffic, underlining the positive environmental consequences of the crisis.

He said that the pandemic has eradicated extremism, among other positive issues. COVID-19 has changed and will change various aspects of life, he said urging all stakeholders to turning the challenges of this virus into opportunities for people safety, as well as maximize the productivity to compensate what have been lost during the pandemic.

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