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One-state solution and running forward

Jul 23,2020 - Last updated at Jul 23,2020

Al Ghad’s Mousa Shtewi said that the politically and religiously extreme right in Israel has managed to undermine the two-state solution, and it is almost undisputed that this solution is now unattainable.

US President Donald Trump, through the deal of the century and recognising Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, contributed to ringing the death knell of the two-state solution and helping the Zionist right in annexing parts of the West Bank to Israel, said the writer.

If all agree that establishing a sovereign Palestinian state on occupied territories is no longer possible, then looking for alternatives is legitimate, mainly for the Palestinian National Movement, said the columnist, adding that the option that surfaced recently by Arab and Palestinian intellectuals is the democratic one-state solution.

Arab and Palestinian supporters of such a plan say that this solution cannot only end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but would also, on the long term, give Palestinians supremacy when they become a majority for demographic reasons, which would put an end for the Zionist dream of a Jewish state, said the writer.

This solution means that Israelis and Palestinians have to accept this option for the current phase, where support for this option within Israel is very low and there are no signs that Israel will adopt this solution in the near future, said the columnist.

The option that Israel will seek is the racist state rather than the democratic, especially that the extreme Israeli right want the West Bank without its residents, which is the most dangerous option for Jordan that will be the only destination for Palestinians leaving the West Bank, added the writer.

This is exactly the reason why His Majesty King Abdullah insists on the two-state solution and his endeavours to stop the annexation plan is stemmed from his thorough awareness of the threats of such a project on the Kingdom, said Shtewi. 

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