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Henry Wooster at the University of Jordan

Apr 03,2022 - Last updated at Apr 03,2022

Addustour’s Muhannad Mubaideen referred to the lecture delivered by US Ambassador Henry Wooster at the University of Jordan through an invitation of the Centre for Strategic Studies.

During the lecture, Wooster presented his country's vision for the region and for the relationship with Jordan, a relationship that was characterised by President Trump's time with all forms of diplomatic apathy, Mubaideen said.

In his speech at the University of Jordan, Wooster said that the US alliance is with the deep state in Jordan,  the writer noted, describing Wooster’s words as “true”, which reflects the importance of the American view of Jordan as a necessity of its stability.

Wooster’s lecture is important, the columnist said, adding that  it may have annoyed some of those who attacked it and saw it as an interference in Jordan’s affairs. The writer concluded that universities were created for the purpose of dialogue, revealing intentions and ideas, educating students, and providing them with executive and decision-making expertise. 


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