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Floyd’s messages

Jun 18,2020 - Last updated at Jun 18,2020

Ad-Dustour’s Rasheed Hasan said that many messages were sent by the African American George Floyd as he took his last few breaths while being strangulated by a white police officer, who insisted on killing Floyd nonchalantly before millions of eyes.

It was a horrifying sight that reminded black Americans with their fate and the fates of their ancestors, who crossed seas to the American continent as enslaved people to build an unmatched civilisation with their blood, sweat and tears, said Hasan.

The writer noted that Floyd’s killing is also reminiscent of the fate of 130 million Native Americans who were slaughtered by the Yankees. The white cop’s insistence on killing the black man unmasked the spiteful, racist US face, and unveiled the racial terrorism that is practiced by US authorities in all facets of life and has become an integral component of white Americans’ chemistry, the columnist said.

The Minneapolis crime proved that the US is two-faced, as it has an unserious, hypocritical face that claims to respect human rights, while its other face is a racist, hateful, criminal face, Hasan said.

By further looking into this US model, it is found that it has produced models similar in hideousness, the writer said, underscoring the past South African model, and the Israeli model that practices state terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocide against an unarmed people.

Hasan called for holding Israel accountable for its 100-year-old fascist crimes against the Palestinian people, and for ending the US collusion with Israel, which encourages the Zionist mobsters to continue their murderous terrorism.







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