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Crisis of confidence

Mar 21,2022 - Last updated at Mar 21,2022

Al-Rai’s Issam Qadamani said that the phrase “crisis of confidence” is attached to all governments upon their formation for several reasons and implies a pre-judgment that a newly formed government will not do anything and will not succeed.

The current prime minister, Bisher Al Khasawneh, is not new to politics, economics and administration, especially that he assumed several posts in public service, including jobs close to His Majesty King Abdullah, and held several diplomatic posts before he was chosen to head the government to bear the responsibilities of the current phase, said the writer.

Khasawneh’s government won the confidence in the parliament and has been in office for almost 18 months and will continue as long as His Majesty and the Parliament still have confidence in this government, added the columnist.

Making the government to resign has become in the hands of social media that affect the public opinion and the plans of some lawmakers who are interested in becoming social media stars, added the writer.

King Abdullah tasked the government, and not any other side, with preparing economic plans, reaching solutions and taking decisions, so it is the government’s responsibility to do so and no other side has the right to assume such responsibilities in behalf of the government.


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