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The crisis and relying on technology

May 14,2020 - Last updated at May 14,2020

Ad Dustour’s Lama Absah said that the COVID-19 pandemic and the change of the normal course of life have contributed to referring to technology in several sectors, such as education and business, where the “advanced” ICT infrastructure played a main role in the success of the experience.

Lately, talks referred to the Kingdom’s digital capability in the educational and health sectors and the ability to digitise several government institutions with direct contact with the public, said the writer, adding that it is also noticeable that Jordanians increased their reliance on digital wallets.

Yet, as times elapsed, other indicators showed that the Kingdom still lacks a lot to have a real digital economy that can keep pace with the human movement that constitutes the cornerstone and pillar of the economy, added the columnist.

At some point, work, education and health processes cannot continue remotely and there has to be one sort of direct communication, said the writer, noting that, for example, many teachers and students suffered from the e-learning method mainly because shifting to it was sudden and unplanned.

The COVID-19 crisis is a great opportunity for Jordan through preparing a realistic strategic plan that can facilitate the mission and be aware of the requirements that can eventually realise envisioned goals, added the columnist. 


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