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Samir Barhoum
By Samir Barhoum - Oct 03,2018
Indeed, it is of paramount importance now for all Jordanians to come together to ensure that the law applies to all, and to make sure that no persons or parties believe that they are bigger than the country.Ensuring the rule of law will help us fight many problems facing us, star
By Samir Barhoum - Jun 06,2018
Over the past week, Jordan has been witnessing protests against fuel and electricity price hikes as well as an income tax draft law.
By Samir Barhoum - Apr 22,2018
It was very painful to see pictures of Saturday evening’s car accident, in which eight people were killed, including MP Mohammad Amamreh and his family, splattered in all newspapers, news websites and across all social media.Traffic police said they were still investigating the c
By Samir Barhoum - Mar 19,2018
Jordan yesterday lost one of its top columnists and economic analysts, Dr Fahed Fanek, who was also a long-time Jordan Times writer.This is the very space where his column used to appear, unfailingly, once a week over the past decades; exception were the past few weeks when, due
By Samir Barhoum - Oct 26,2016
The Jordan Times today celebrates its 41st anniversary with little fanfare and more focus on the future.This paper, which came into being on October 27, 1975, made big qualitative strides — obvious in its print and online issues — over the past four decades, propelling hundreds o
By Samir Barhoum - Sep 25,2016
It was shocking to wake up Sunday morning to the news of the murder of writer and political activist Nahed Hattar on the steps of the Palace of Justice in Amman.But it was more shocking later to read many comments by social media users praising the crime and justifying this cold-
By Samir Barhoum - Oct 26,2015
The Jordan Times today celebrates its 40th anniversary with an eye on the future, and countless past moments to treasure.The paper, which first hit newsstands on October 27, 1975, has a rich history full of achievement, struggle, success and tears. On such a day, we remember
By Samir Barhoum - Jun 15,2015
Jordan has managed over the past several years to withstand the extraordinary economic challenges resulting from the global financial crisis and the so-called Arab Spring in a bold manner.The challenges facing Jordan were grave.


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