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Ruba Jaradat
By Ruba Jaradat - Mar 07,2018
Around the world this morning, millions of women are on their way to work. Globally, we know that most women prefer to be in paid employment, and that most men agree. The empowerment of women in the workplace is to be celebrated, but it is not without its challenges.
By Ruba Jaradat - Mar 29,2017
“The future of work” is a phrase that now seems to be on everyone’s lips.Studies, websites, seminars and even a discipline within an entirely new field of study — “futurology” — are all devoted to pondering what the world of work may hold in store for us in the coming decades.Man
By Ruba Jaradat - Dec 17,2015
On December 18 it is International Migrants Day, a day of global solidarity with migrant workers — or “temporary expatriate” workers as they are called in the Arab world.On this day in 1990, the United Nations adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights o


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