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By Project Syndicate - Jun 06,2015
When Memory Banda’s younger sister was forced to marry at just 11 years old, Memory became determined to ensure that no more girls had to experience her sister’s fate.Since then, this remarkable young woman from rural Malawi has helped to persuade her government to raise the mini
By Project Syndicate - May 30,2015
For women, the act of bringing life into this world has historically meant risking their own lives, with the real prospect of death during childbirth.But, though great strides are being made in reducing maternal deaths in poor countries, those gains could be undone by a growing t
By Project Syndicate - May 30,2015
 The arrest of FIFA executives on a raft of fraud and corruption charges has been front-page news in recent days.But the charges brought by the Swiss and American authorities focus on bribery and embezzlement, and do not address another egregious injustice: the treatment of
By Project Syndicate - May 28,2015
The only surprise about the arrest of seven FIFA officials in a Swiss hotel in the early morning of May 27 is that it happened at all.Most people assumed that these pampered men in expensive suits, governing the world’s football federation, were beyond the reach of the law.Whatev
By Project Syndicate - May 26,2015
The effort to eradicate global poverty has never been more intense.In 2014, for the second consecutive year, official development assistance (ODA) totalled a historic high of $135 billion, according to new OECD data.This indicates that advanced economies remain committed to promo
By Project Syndicate - May 23,2015
 This year marks a turning point for the world, with the international community adopting a new global development strategy in September and negotiating a universal deal to combat climate change in December.To succeed, policy makers must recognise that today’s global imperat
By Project Syndicate - May 22,2015
The Arab world and its neighbours are stuck in a violence trap.The fighting in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, together with the predations of groups like Daesh, is destroying the economic links needed to ensure long-term political stability.Indeed, by redrawing the region’s econom
By Project Syndicate - May 21,2015
More than four years have passed since an overwhelming majority of the membership of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to a package of reforms that would double the organisation’s resources and reorganise its governing structure in favour of developing countries.But ad



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