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By Project Syndicate - Jul 18,2016
Last September, world leaders made a commitment to end hunger by 2030, as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It sounds like a massive undertaking. In fact, the world already produces enough food to feed everyone.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 17,2016
Russia’s economic prospects are looking increasingly grim.Last year, plunging energy prices and international sanctions contributed to a 3.7 per cent fall in the gross domestic product (GDP).
By Project Syndicate - Jul 12,2016
At the United Nations in New York on April 22, world leaders ratified the global climate agreement reached in Paris last December.One hundred ninety-five countries, ranging from richest to poorest, have now agreed to limit global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial lev
By Project Syndicate - Jul 02,2016
Why are some regions plagued by seemingly endless instability?In the Middle East, one widespread argument, which even Daesh expounds, puts much of the blame for chronic conflict on the Sykes-Picot Agreement, the secret deal agreed 100 years ago by France and Great Britain to divi
By Project Syndicate - Jun 26,2016
 Kenya is about to destroy its entire stockpile of elephant ivory.More than 100 metric tonnes of “white gold” — both illegally harvested (confiscated from poachers or traders) and naturally accruing (from natural mortality) — will go up in smoke this weekend.In China — where
By Project Syndicate - Jun 14,2016
Patrick Vallance and Tim WellsIn recent years, tremendous progress has been made in the battle against malaria.According to the World Health Organisation (WTO), the number of deaths from the disease has fallen by a staggering 60 per cent since 2000 — the result of improved access
By Project Syndicate - May 31,2016
 The dramatic drop in malaria deaths since the beginning of the century is one of the great public-health success stories of recent years.Thanks to concerted investments in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, the number of people killed by the disease each year has decline
By Project Syndicate - May 28,2016
Over the last 35 years, Western democracies have seen a rapid rise in political instability, characterised by frequent shifts in governing parties and their programmes and philosophies, driven at least partly by economic transformation and hardship.The question now is how to impr
By Project Syndicate - May 25,2016
 Over the last 10 years, “climate change” has become almost synonymous with “carbon emissions”.The reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, measured in tonnes of “carbon equivalents” (CO2e) has emerged as the paramount objective in the quest to preserve the planet.Bu
By Project Syndicate - May 22,2016
During the last century, the battle to secure equality for women and girls has been fought in the classroom, in the voting booth and in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.But if gender inequality is ever to be abolished, we can no longer afford to neglect one of its major ca



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