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Otaviano Canuto
By Otaviano Canuto - Oct 04,2018
SÃO PAULO — Brazil is approaching its most consequential election since the end of military rule more than three decades ago.
By Otaviano Canuto - Aug 19,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — Globalisation has come under fire in recent years, with people in some countries becoming increasingly frustrated with the uneven distribution of its gains.
By Otaviano Canuto - Sep 06,2016
Now that impeached Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is out of office, it is up to the newly empowered administration of President Michel Temer to clean up Brazil’s macroeconomic mess.Can Temer’s government save Brazil’s crumbling economy?The situation is certainly dire.
By Otaviano Canuto - Mar 05,2014
One often hears that Brazil’s economy is stuck in the “middle-income trap”. Since the debt crisis of the 1980s, Brazil has failed to revive the structural transformation and per capita income growth that had characterised the previous three decades.


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