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Osama Al Sharif
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 06,2016
The crisis of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood group is deepening, less than two years after internal differences first came to the surface. The 70-year-old movement is facing existential challenges as defections from the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political arm of the group
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 29,2015
One of the regional countries that needs to be re-engaged in efforts to find and implement a political solution in Syria is Turkey.Ankara has been a key supporter of the Syrian revolution and a major critic of Syrian President Bashar Assad.Turkey received the largest number of Sy
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 23,2015
UN Security Council Resolution 2254 on Syria, which was adopted unanimously on Friday, offers the most comprehensive and detailed roadmap to date to end the five-year Syrian conflict.It enshrines the principles and points of agreement that emerged from previous meetings in Geneva
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 15,2015
Most likely some Libyan factions will sign a peace deal today in Morocco.Representatives of the General National Congress in Tripoli and the Council of Deputies in Tobruk — the latter enjoys international recognition — declared that they will sign the deal even though there are s
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 08,2015
President Bashar Assad’s immediate removal is no longer a priority for key players in the Syrian crisis.US Secretary of State John Kerry announced last week that it might be possible for the Syrian government and rebel forces to cooperate against Daesh militants without Assad hav
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 24,2015
It will take time and an unprecedented collaboration among nations, but the odds are stacked against Daesh, which will eventually be defeated and dismantled as an organisation in Iraq and Syria.The US-led coalition and Russia’s military efforts will succeed in destroying the mili
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 17,2015
The world is on high alert.
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 11,2015
The tragedy of the Russian airliner that crashed over the Sinai Peninsula last Saturday, 23 minutes after taking off from Sharm El Sheikh resort, killing all 224 people on board, is now the focus of a multinational investigation amid growing suspicion that it was the victim of a
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 03,2015
Last week’s Vienna meeting on resolving the Syrian conflict was the first serious attempt by stakeholders to kickstart a political process since the US and Russia, along with other countries, adopted a six-point plan in Geneva in June 2012.The Geneva I principles were embedded in
By Osama Al Sharif - Oct 27,2015
Ever since Russia decided to intervene militarily in Syria it has become the main interlocutor in the conflict and the party that is primarily responsible for undertaking a political conclusion that is acceptable both regionally and internationally.



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