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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Aug 02,2014
Instead of celebrating the rites of the Arab Spring with freedom, democracy and good governance, the region has entered a dark season of war and destruction comparable to the era when the Mongol leader Hulagu besieged and sacked Baghdad.
By Michael Jansen - Jul 23,2014
Gaza’s fate might have been very different if Israel had adopted a positive policy towards the narrow Mediterranean coastal strip after the 1967 occupation.
By Michael Jansen - Jul 16,2014
While Israel stepped up its latest assault on Gaza, Lebanese marked the eighth anniversary of Israel’s 2006 war on their country. This onslaught killed 1,100, wounded thousands, and drove a million from their homes.
By Michael Jansen - Jul 09,2014
Always applied in this region, double standards are particularly egregious these days. The Syrian air force is roundly condemned for striking insurgent held strongholds with barrel bombs while the Western world remains silent as Iraqi helicopters target Mosul, sometimes with bar
By Michael Jansen - Jul 02,2014
The Obama administration is still living in fantasy land as it tries to deal with the insurgencies in Syria and Iraq. The administration’s approach to the crises in these countries is even more fantastic than the line peddled by the Bush administration, which was that Bagh
By Michael Jansen - Jun 25,2014
US Secretary of State John Kerry paid unannounced visits to Baghdad and Erbil this week with the aim of pleading with Iraqi Arab and Kurdish politicians to adopt a national approach to the crisis in the country. In Baghdad, he told dominant Shiites that they had to stop discrimi
By Michael Jansen - Jun 11,2014
It is long past the time that the Western powers and their allies should have reviewed their policy on Syria and decided to come to terms with the Assad regime. Last week, Bashar Assad won a new seven-year term when more than 88 per cent of those participating in the country&rsq
By Michael Jansen - Jun 04,2014
The Egyptian and Syrian presidential elections have a few things in common.
By Michael Jansen - May 28,2014
Egyptians have confused and confounded their rulers by failing to turn out as expected in this week’s presidential election, the second since the toppling of president Hosni Mubarak, who had ruled for 30 years, in 2011. Many did not vote because the landslide victory of fo
By Michael Jansen - May 21,2014
Ahead of next week’s presidential election in Egypt, former US president Jimmy Carter warned that that country’s transition to democracy “has stalled and stands on the precipice of total reversal”. Carter was wrong because Egypt never managed to launch th



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