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Mark Leonard
By Mark Leonard - Oct 01,2020
BERLIN — COVID-19 has made a mockery of the world’s great powers. US President Donald Trump promised to “make America great again”, but his administration’s handling of the pandemic has been anything but great.
By Mark Leonard - Sep 06,2020
BERLIN — When COVID-19 struck Europe and forced millions of people into internal exile, many were overcome by a deep sense of loneliness.
By Mark Leonard - Sep 03,2020
BERLIN – With November approaching, I am becoming ever more nervous about the US presidential election.
By Mark Leonard - Feb 20,2020
BERLIN – After the United Kingdom voted in 2016 to leave the European Union, policymakers and political leaders across Europe feared that they, too, would soon face a similar crisis.
By Mark Leonard - Dec 15,2019
BERLIN — European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s ambition to lead a “geopolitical commission” is about to face its first big test.
By Mark Leonard - Nov 28,2019
BERLIN — On December 1, Ursula von der Leyen will finally take office as president of the European Commission.
By Mark Leonard - Jul 25,2019
BERLIN — The last five years have not been kind to the European Union’s foreign-policy prospects.
By Mark Leonard - Jun 26,2019
BERLIN — The escalating rivalry between China and the United States is ushering in a bipolar world. While the past few decades have been defined mostly by cooperation among the world’s leading powers, the next few will be marked by zero-sum competition.
By Mark Leonard - Mar 06,2019
MUNICH — Two Americas were represented by two different vice presidents at the Munich Security Conference this year.
By Mark Leonard - Jan 14,2019
BERLIN — The politics of Brexit is descending into chaos. The European Union is fragmenting into northern, southern, eastern and western tribes.



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