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Lara Ali Atoum
By Lara Ali Atoum - Feb 03,2021
Despite the inherent differences between human societies at various levels in terms of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, nationality, socio-economic status, humans are very similar in terms of their basic needs as individuals.Differences often lie within the broader general
By Lara Ali Atoum - Dec 15,2020
Through the French Revolution, the political system in France gradually transformed from a closed political system, governed by autocratic monarchies and imperial rule, to an open and democratic political system, built on the fundamental human principles of liberty, equality and
By Lara Ali Atoum - Oct 05,2020
The rules do play an identifying function to be conforming to a set of what seems to be highly formalistic arbitrary norms.
By Lara Ali Atoum - Sep 06,2020
The latest fast advancements concerning the Palestinian issue starting with the announcement of the Ultimate Deal triggers some sort of political fear in this regard, however so far the Ultimate deal secured and took into account Israel’s interests only where as it would be more
By Lara Ali Atoum - Aug 25,2020
Among many scientists, social scientists and political analysts there is a consensus that global warming and climate change represent the greatest threats to humanity and to our planet.Many scientists and experts argue that there is irrefutable evidence indicating that our planet
By Lara Ali Atoum - Aug 06,2020
 By merely announcing the date of the upcoming parliamentary elections and opening the opportunity for the registration of candidates, political campaigning activity has commenced in political salons across Jordan, albeit to a limited degree, due in part to the Corona Virus
By Lara Ali Atoum - Jul 20,2020
Perhaps anyone can understand politics as much; politics is one of the most sophisticated and highly complex sciences.Some may improve their exploitation to achieve their interests through politics hitting the wall with all the known conventions or agreements.Therefore; for sure
By Lara Ali Atoum - Jul 09,2020
As Jordan faces it’s most difficult challenges in many decades, exacerbated by the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic and deep economic woes, the people of Jordan turn to their King, His Majesty King Abdullah, as their saviour and only hope, for good reasons. Thr
By Lara Ali Atoum - May 31,2020
Despite facing deep economic distress for several years, Jordan has been able to adopt and adhere to drastic mitigation measures to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, through strict lockdowns, quarantine measures and curfews.As the country gradually begins to ease its restrictions
By Lara Ali Atoum - May 18,2020
Jordan is undoubtedly facing its most difficult economic challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, placing an unenviable strain on the Kingdom.



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