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J. Bradford DeLong
By J. Bradford DeLong - Aug 23,2017
According to mainstream economic theory, globalisation tends to “lift all boats” and has little effect on the broad distribution of incomes.But “globalisation” is not the same as the elimination of tariffs and other import barriers that confer rent-seeking advantages to political
By J. Bradford DeLong - Jul 22,2017
In many societies, universities are the main bastions of ideological and intellectual independence.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Jun 24,2017
In December 2015, the US Federal Reserve embarked on a monetary-tightening cycle, by raising the target range for the short-term nominal federal funds rate by 25 basis points (one-quarter of a percentage point).At the time, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) — the Fed body
By J. Bradford DeLong - May 07,2017
Former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers recently took exception to current US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s views on “artificial intelligence” (AI) and related topics.The difference between the two seems to be, more than anything else, a matter of priorities and emphasis.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Apr 20,2017
Today, the world’s population is, on average, about 20 times richer than it was during the long Agrarian Age.Between 7000 BC and AD 1500, resources were scarce, technological progress was slow and Malthusian pressures kept almost all human populations at a near-subsistence level,
By J. Bradford DeLong - Feb 05,2017
In a recent Vox essay outlining my thinking about US President Donald Trump’s emerging trade policy, I pointed out that a “bad” trade deal such as the North American Free Trade Agreement is responsible for only a vanishingly small fraction of lost US manufacturing jobs over the p
By J. Bradford DeLong - Dec 31,2016
On January 20, 2017, US President-elect Donald Trump will take office, having received almost 3 million fewer votes than his opponent; and he will work with a Republican Senate majority whose members won 13 million fewer votes than their Democratic opponents.Only the Republican m
By J. Bradford DeLong - Sep 03,2016
These are days of grave disillusionment with the state of the world.Sinister forces of fanatical, faith-based killing — something that we in the West, at least, thought had largely ended by 1750 — are back.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Apr 21,2016
It is almost impossible to assess the progress of the United States economy over the past four decades without feeling disappointed.From the perspective of the typical American, nearly one-third of the country’s productive potential has been thrown away on spending that adds noth
By J. Bradford DeLong - Apr 02,2016
One does not need to be particularly good at hearing to decipher the dog whistles being used during this year’s election campaign in the United States.Listen even briefly, and you will understand that Mexicans and Chinese are working with Wall Street to forge lousy trade deals th



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