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Hans-Werner Sinn
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Nov 28,2022
MUNICH  —  Say what you will about Russian President Vladimir Putin, but his war on Ukraine did open European eyes to some long-underrated truths.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Oct 02,2022
MUNICH  —  Inflation is galloping in the eurozone, as the euro tumbles. In August 2022 annual eurozone inflation reached 9.1 per cent, and rates exceeding 20 per cent are now being registered in the Baltic countries.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Aug 09,2022
MUNICH  —  Until recently, the European Central Bank (ECB) could simply throw money at the eurozone’s problems.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - May 31,2022
MUNICH  —  The war in Ukraine has led to an explosion in global food prices.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Mar 30,2022
MUNICH  —  Germany long regarded its energy transition as cutting edge, compared to other Western industrialised countries.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Jan 24,2022
MUNICH  —  With its 2020 “taxonomy for sustainable activities”, the European Union found a way to use the European Central Bank (ECB) to steer capital markets by directly subsidising interest expenses for “green” investment projects.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Jul 25,2021
MUNICH — The European Union is one of the few signatories to the 2015 Paris climate agreement that initially committed to binding limits on its carbon dioxide emissions, having promised to reduce them by 40 per cent (and now 55 per cent) from 1990 levels by 2030.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - May 22,2021
MUNICH — Germany already has one of the world’s most ambitious climate programs. Now the country wants to become the global leader in terms of climate goals.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Mar 23,2021
MUNICH — The increasing risk of a return of inflation in the United States and Europe is beginning to galvanise debates among economists.
By Hans-Werner Sinn - Jan 24,2021
MUNICH  —  A storm is raging over the European Union’s failure to have ordered more of the approved COVID-19 vaccines ahead of time.



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