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Guy Verhofstadt
By Guy Verhofstadt - Dec 27,2016
BRUSSELS — The United States FBI and CIA have both concluded that Russia ran a hacking and disinformation campaign aimed at influencing the US presidential election in Donald Trump’s favour.We may never know how successful Russia’s cyber operation was, but we do know that the Kre
By Guy Verhofstadt - Nov 13,2016
Just like the polls prior to the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum, the polls in the run-up to the United States’ presidential election were wrong. And just like Brexit, the unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump is now president-elect of the US, signalling the triumph of n
By Guy Verhofstadt - Oct 03,2016
The European Union’s list of crises keeps growing.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Aug 16,2016
Beware of tsars bearing gifts.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Jul 19,2016
British voters’ choice to leave the European Union is unfortunate, but unsurprising.
By Guy Verhofstadt - May 12,2016
Europe’s refugee crisis is far from solved, but there are signs that the agreement finalised by the European Union and Turkey on March 18 is reducing the flow of refugees and migrants from Turkey to Greece.According to Frontex, the European border-management agency, the 26,460 mi
By Guy Verhofstadt - Apr 17,2016
From the rubble of two world wars, European countries came together to launch what would become the world’s largest experiment in unification and cooperative, shared sovereignty.



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