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Edoardo Campanella
By Edoardo Campanella - Apr 12,2021
MILAN — The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged the stock of physical and human capital. Firms have postponed or cancelled investment projects and laid-off or furloughed workers’ skills have deteriorated.
By Edoardo Campanella - Nov 19,2020
TURIN — Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of low-skilled labor in the economy was assumed to be in decline.
By Edoardo Campanella - Sep 18,2019
MILAN — Future historians may come to describe Brexit as the defining moment of a nationalist wave that swept away the postwar liberal international order. Yet their task will be complicated by the fact that Brexit is not, in fact, a manifestation of British nationalism.
By Edoardo Campanella - Oct 15,2018
MILAN — The right-wing populism that has emerged in many Western democracies in recent years could turn out to be much more than a blip on the political landscape.
By Edoardo Campanella - Jul 07,2018
MILAN — As new technologies continue to upend industries and take over tasks once performed by humans, workers worldwide fear for their futures.
By Edoardo Campanella - Mar 08,2018
MILAN — Italy’s inconclusive general election, with its clear populist drift, will likely lead to a prolonged period of political stalemate, freezing the adoption of much-needed structural reforms.


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