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By Editorial - Mar 29,2014
Demonstrators who take to the streets on Fridays, like they did in front of Al Husseini Mosque, downtown Amman this weekend, to protest against US Secretary of State John Kerry’s much talked-about peace plan must know what most of us do not: the exact content of Kerry&rsquo
By Editorial - Mar 27,2014
Her Majesty Queen Rania’s belief that “girls with dreams become women with vision”, as written recently in a blog post as part of the UN’s Global Moms Relay, should serve as inspiration to women everywhere. And what better role model than the Queen hersel
By Editorial - Mar 26,2014
Another Arab summit concluded in Kuwait on Wednesday at a time when masses from the shores of the Arab Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco show little faith in the efficacy of Arab meetings and the impotence of joint Arab action. The 25th summit of the Arab League was convened
By Editorial - Mar 25,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s speech on behalf of the over 50 states participating in the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague is testimony to the exceptional political standing the Monarch enjoys in the international arena. It is also recognition of the Kingdom’s effo
By Editorial - Mar 23,2014
The recent outbreak of violence during and after last Friday’s football match between Faisali and Wihdat teams brings back memories of similar disturbances accompanying football matches between national teams. Such occurrence needs to be stopped at all costs.
By Editorial - Mar 22,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s interview with London-based Al Hayat newspaper on Friday, just ahead of the Arab summit in Kuwait, gives a comprehensive overview of the situation in Jordan and the region. It should be compulsory reading for the country’s citizens and for
By Editorial - Mar 20,2014
Some hope was pinned on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ very recent visit to the White House for talks with President Barack Obama. It was hoped that the talks would contribute to moving forward the stalled peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis, but the outcome w
By Editorial - Mar 19,2014
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour’s persuasive speech at the special session of the Lower House of Parliament on the killing of Judge Raed Zuaiter must have swayed many deputies from among those who had threatened to cast a vote of no-confidence in his government if their dema
By Editorial - Mar 18,2014
The “deep regret” expressed by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the killing of Judge Raed Zuaiter last week takes part of the sting out of the murder controversy, but not all. The two Israeli leaders called His Majesty King Ab
By Editorial - Mar 17,2014
As expected, the greater majority of people in Crimea voted for unification with the Russian Federation in Sunday’s referendum. Russian-speaking citizens in the Crimean peninsula constitute a thin majority of the entire population, and they naturally voted in favour of joi



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