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By Editorial - Feb 03,2014
The Ministry of Water and Irrigation recently said that no less than 70 per cent of the water loss in the country is due to theft and illegal use. This is a staggering amount of precious water stolen or unlawfully diverted from pipelines that are supposed to feed the country&rsq
By Editorial - Feb 02,2014
Another milestone was added on Sunday to the country’s ongoing reform process with the formation of a Royal commission to assess and follow up on the implementation of the National Integrity Charter and Executive Plan. The commission, headed by renowned economist and polit
By Editorial - Feb 01,2014
On his birthday Thursday, His Majesty King Abdullah chose to pay a visit to young patients receiving treatment at the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Amman. Accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Rania, the King spent some time with the children, whom he described as “brave cancer
By Editorial - Jan 30,2014
At last the government has decided to give incentives to farmers to resort to renewable energy sources to help them with their irrigation needs and their business in general. The Agricultural Credit Corporation is now offering low-interest, easy-term loans to farmers to move
By Editorial - Jan 29,2014
US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns’ recent remark to chief editors of Jordanian newspapers that his government puts Jordan’s strategic interests in the ongoing peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians under the direct stewardship of US Secretary of St
By Editorial - Jan 28,2014
Even though UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi announced on the first day of talks on Syria, in Geneva, that Damascus and the opposition had accepted the June 2012 communiqué, issued at the time of the first round of talks in this Swiss town, as the basis for conveni
By Editorial - Jan 27,2014
International Renewable Energy Agency Director General Adnan Amin would rather see Jordan develop renewable energy than rely on nuclear power. “Our belief is that renewable energy is the most viable approach for the future and much more environmentally safe,” sai
By Editorial - Jan 26,2014
While the eyes of the world are turned to Geneva, where efforts are being made to start peace talks towards a meaningful reconciliation between Damascus and the Syrian opposition, Israel is busy making history of its own at the expense of the Palestinians. At a recent debate
By Editorial - Jan 25,2014
The official visit of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the accompanying delegation for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah and Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour came at a critical time in the region. The King exchanged views with the Canadian prime minister on severa
By Editorial - Jan 23,2014
Mayor of Amman Aqel Biltaji made a solemn declaration at the end of a recent meeting of the Greater Amman Municipality council: that he will henceforth have no tolerance whatsoever for any violations of GAM rules and regulations, including those pertaining to streets and makeshif



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