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By Editorial - Apr 28,2014
The riots that erupted in Maan last week disrupting law and order in this southern city have been attributed to some outlaws roaming the area determined to take the law in their hands to vent their anger and frustration. The minister of interior visited this troubled city and en
By Editorial - Apr 27,2014
During his recent visit to South Korea, President Barack Obama said that perhaps there is need for “pause” in the US-brokered peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis. That came as a result of the Fateh-Hamas agreement to reach reconciliation, a move admittedly
By Editorial - Apr 26,2014
Jordan Press Association journalists voted on Friday to elect their president and council members. Out of more than 1,000 journalists registered with the association, only 715 voted; of the rest, some did not vote because they had not paid their dues to the association, others b
By Editorial - Apr 24,2014
At a recent meeting of the Middle East Network for Innovative Teaching and Learning, educators and scholars exchanged views and shared experience with a view to upgrading the educational system in Jordan. Most participants agreed that what our education system needs is to promot
By Editorial - Apr 23,2014
The US supreme court is projected to determine in the fall the status of Jerusalem, including whether to designate the holy city as part of Israel. Whether it is the White House or the US Congress that will reach that decision is of little interest to our region.
By Editorial - Apr 22,2014
The decision of two major parliamentary blocs to join forces and forge an alliance is testimony to the new level of sophistication that many deputies have achieved. This important move will see representatives of the 35-member National Parliamentary Alliance, which includes Al W
By Editorial - Apr 21,2014
Judging by the continuous deterioration of the situation in east Ukraine, the meeting held by the US, Russia, EU and Ukraine in Geneva last week did not live up to earlier expectations that the conference would reduce tension between Moscow and Western capitals. Some 40,000 Russ
By Editorial - Apr 19,2014
The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) recently held a special workshop on child abuse, focusing on corporal punishment, which seems to be still widespread in the country and accepted by most Jordanians as a proper method for disciplining children. Article 62 of the Pena
By Editorial - Apr 17,2014
During his meeting with the 19-member National Action Front of the Lower House, His Majesty King Abdullah stressed the fact that the Jordanian citizen is at the heart of the Kingdom’s comprehensive reform process, which requires the engagement of all. The involvement of pa
By Editorial - Apr 16,2014
Jordan’s Ambassador to Libya Fawaz Aitan spent his second day in captivity on Wednesday.