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By Editorial - May 13,2014
Jordanian Ambassador Fawaz Aitan is finally back home after four weeks in captivity in Libya. His release came as a relief not only for his family but for all Jordanians who worried that one of their country’s ambassadors could be harmed. Aitan’s freedom came at a p
By Editorial - May 12,2014
The decision of the Amman public attorney to detain five people from Cambridge High School for questioning in connection with the drowning of a seven-year-old student last month in the school’s pool sends the clear message that authorities have no tolerance for school negli
By Editorial - May 11,2014
The third Forum for Media Freedom Defenders in the Arab World, just held in Amman, is a timely effort by journalists across the area to coordinate efforts with a view to stopping violations that hinder the free, professional performance of media personnel. Journalists in some pa
By Editorial - May 10,2014
The spread of the corona virus has not reached epidemic proportions in the Middle East, but the region should not rest upon that “comfortable” thought and passively wait for the threat to taper off. A few cases have been reported in Jordan and several other countries
By Editorial - May 08,2014
US President Barack Obama’s decision to grant diplomatic recognition to the Syrian opposition groups and allow them to open an office in Washington sends the message that the US is not abandoning them, but wishes to strengthen them, at least morally, not on the battlefield.
By Editorial - May 07,2014
Russia suggests that elections in Ukraine, projected to take place on May 25, should be put off until normalcy returns to the country. It might not be a bad idea, considering that no free and fair elections can take place in any country witnessing armed conflicts, even if in a l
By Editorial - May 06,2014
Jordan has been experiencing a real estate boom thanks to heavy investment by Iraqis, Saudis and Syrians. According to the Department of Land and Survey, the real estate market in the country went up by 26 per cent during the first four months of the year, to reach a total value
By Editorial - May 05,2014
Israel’s intention to recruit Christian Palestinians into its armed forces is naturally causing an uproar among Palestinians, Christians and Muslims alike. Both communities view the Israeli move as an attempt to drive a wedge between Palestinians on religious grounds, with
By Editorial - May 04,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah visited the Jordan-Korea Technology Institute on Labour Day and called for creating job opportunities for the youth. The youth and women form the groups that suffer most when unemployment is on the rise. Worldwide, unemployment among the youth is the m
By Editorial - May 03,2014
On Thursday, Israel summoned the Jordanian envoy in Tel Aviv to protest against an opinion article by former foreign minister Kamel S.



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