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By Editorial - Feb 15,2015
Yemen is in disarray after Shiite militias known as Houthis grabbed power from the duly elected government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The turmoil in this Arab country made UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon tell the UN Security Council after his return from Saudi Arabia
By Editorial - Feb 14,2015
UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said recently in Vienna, where he was holding talks with the Austrian foreign minister, that Syrian President Bashar Assad is “part of the solution for the reduction of violence” in his country. No one can dispute the fact that A
By Editorial - Feb 12,2015
It never fails! Every time the results of the Tawjihi exams are about to be announced, tension rises among students and parents alike in anticipation of the decisive grades at the completion of secondary education. This time, when the winter Tawjihi results for this scholastic
By Editorial - Feb 11,2015
The minister of tourism recently presided over a brain-storming session during which the best ways to attract more tourists were discussed. One suggestion was to invite low-cost airlines to serve the country.  The minister pointed out that one of the first incentives for t
By Editorial - Feb 10,2015
A recent workshop organised by USAID’s Takamol-Gender Programme found that negative stereotyping of women in Jordan can be traced back to schools and school textbooks, as early as at the elementary level of education. Perhaps gender stereotyping at this early stage is not
By Editorial - Feb 09,2015
The draft resolution circulated recently by Russia among the UN Security Council members, aiming to cut off funds to the terrorist organisation that calls itself Islamic State is a welcome and timely initiative. Moscow’s move came in the wake of the Security Council’
By Editorial - Feb 08,2015
A new commissioner and board members were recently appointed at the Anti-Corruption Commission, a sign that the country is continuing the fight against corruption while building on previous achievements. His Majesty King Abdullah presided over the oath-taking ceremony of the new
By Editorial - Feb 07,2015
Jordan made good on its promise to avenge the murder of its pilot, Muath Kasasbeh, ordering one sortie after another and pounding mercilessly at the bases, ammunition depots and training facilities of the terrorist group that calls itself Islamic State. Ever since the news broke
By Editorial - Feb 05,2015
The EU was quite critical of Jordan’s execution of two Iraqis, duly condemned to death by a court of law in 2006 and 2007 respectively for their criminal role in terrorist activities that cost human life, ostensibly because of its “principled” position against t
By Editorial - Feb 04,2015
The entire nation was riveted to His Majesty King Abdullah’s words, carefully chosen to lament the killing of Muath Kasasbeh and urge the people to “unify their ranks and show the true character of the Jordanian people when they face hardships and plights, which will



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