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By Editorial - Jul 06,2015
The US’ decision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba last week, after 54 years of interruption, took quite a bit of courage, foresight and common sense on the part of President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro.The two countries, separated by a mere 145 ki
By Editorial - Jul 05,2015
The decision of the National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) to visit various regions of the country, starting with the Mafraq area, to receive complaints of human rights violations is a good, and original, step.Many people whose human rights are violated may not even know about t
By Editorial - Jul 04,2015
The recently adopted resolution by the UN Human Rights Council condemning the indiscriminate Israeli bombing of civilian targets in Gaza during the 2014 war that killed thousands of civilians, and calling on both Israel and the Palestinians to prosecute all perpetrators of war cr
By Editorial - Jul 02,2015
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wants to break his country’s deadlock with its creditors by holding a referendum on July 5, which will decide whether Greece stays in the eurozone.Having won elections on January 26 on an anti-austerity platform, which runs contrary to the cond
By Editorial - Jul 01,2015
According to the head of Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet, Yoram Cohen, Palestinian resistance actions, mostly “lone-wolf” attacks, have increased by 50 per cent each year since 2012, reaching over 1,800 from 683.At a briefing before the Israeli Knesset’s foreign affai
By Editorial - Jul 01,2015
Avoiding the logical and reasonable solution to its fears — which is a Palestinian state and peace with its Arab neighbours — Israel, true to its siege mentality, is trying to “protect” itself by building more fences, behind which it hopes to be able to hide and be safe.Adding to
By Editorial - Jun 29,2015
US President Barack Obama’s recent phone call to French President Francois Hollande pledging to end American intelligence services spying on him may calm French anger and disappointment that one of its closest allies spied on it, but will not end the debate about spying among dec
By Editorial - Jun 29,2015
Tunisia decided to close down about 80 “illegal” mosques to avoid having them spread hatred and incitement to violence.The decision, suggested by the previous Tunisian prime minister as well, came in the wake of a deadly attack in this Arab country where tourism accounts for 7 pe
By Editorial - Jun 27,2015
Three major terrorist attacks bearing the hallmark of the terrorist group Daesh occurred over the past few days, leaving scores dead and the world in dismay.The attack on a hotel in the popular Tunisian resort area of Sousa took 38 lives, most foreign tourists.A few hours earlier
By Editorial - Jun 25,2015
HRH Princess Basma recently chaired the first meeting of the reconstituted Jordanian National Commission for Women, amidst hopes that the commission will do more to empower women and defeat biased gender stereotyping.Created by the government in 1992, the commission has worked to



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