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By Editorial - Sep 17,2015
The government is making good on its promise to encourage the use of electric cars by now exempting electrically powered vehicles from registration fees, which could reach between JD8,000 and JD9,000.During the May World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, held on
By Editorial - Sep 16,2015
Hungary’s decision to close its border with Serbia to prevent thousands of refugees, mostly from Syria, from entering its territory on their way to Austria and Germany, will compound an already complicated crisis.Hungary has just completed a 160km razor wire fence along its borde
By Editorial - Sep 15,2015
His Majesty King Abdullah’s statement at a joint press conference with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron was no veiled warning to Israel.Continued Israeli provocations in East Jerusalem, especially at the Islamic holy sites, “will affect ties with Jordan”, said the Ki
By Editorial - Sep 14,2015
The Court of Cassation has just adopted a controversial decision absolving insurance companies of responsibility — even enabling them to withdraw the insurance policy altogether — in cases drivers are reckless or violate basis rules of safe driving, like crossing the red light.Th
By Editorial - Sep 13,2015
His Majesty King Abdullah made another important working visit in the Far East, after China, to South Korea, for talks with the political leadership, but also with some of the country’s business leaders.The talks with South Korean President Park Geun-hye covered an array of bilat
By Editorial - Sep 12,2015
The political paralysis in Lebanon has not only prevented the selection of a president for well over a year now, it also brought garbage collection to a standstill in Beirut, a business that apparently the government was able to solve. The Cabinet Wednesday approved a plan t
By Editorial - Sep 11,2015
His Majesty King Abdullah’s visit to China, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday, is bound to enhance the already “solid” ties between the two countries.Talks between the two leaders touched on bilateral relations and ways to enhance them in all fields, esp
By Editorial - Sep 09,2015
The Greater Amman Municipality does not seem to run out of new ideas to make the capital a more beautiful, functional and liveable place.The latest plan is to make Amman a green metropolis by 2020.The intention to make Jordan’s cities green is quite old, but it never really mater
By Editorial - Sep 08,2015
News that Russia is building up its military presence in Syria is sounding the alarm not only in Washington but in other Western capitals and capitals of countries of the region as well.US Secretary of State John Kerry reacted quickly, calling his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavr
By Editorial - Sep 07,2015
Malaysia’s efforts to modernise were not easy; they met resistance and obstacles, but with determination and the cooperation of all segments of society, including ethnic groups that were at loggerheads almost half a century ago, this Southeast Asian country managed to achieve gre



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