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By Editorial - Jun 02,2015
It seems that every time Damascus suffers a military defeat at the hands of one opposition group or another, and retreats from more territory, it takes its anger and frustration out on innocent civilians, dropping barrel bombs and killing scores.That is what happened Saturday, ag
By Editorial - Jun 01,2015
In a recent speech delivered by Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, he made clear that his Iran-backed Lebanese militia has expanded its thus far limited theatre of operations in Syria, covering the entire country.“We are fighting alongside our Syrian brothers, alongside the army
By Editorial - Jun 01,2015
Jordan expects no less than 100,000 vehicles to enter the country from neighbouring Arab states at the start of the summer season, a yearly occurrence with which the country is accustomed and has to cope.At the same time, around the middle of June, Jordan, like the rest of t
By Editorial - May 30,2015
Even though HRH Prince Ali lost the election for the FIFA leadership, the words he uttered before the casting of votes will continue to echo loud and clear for many years to come.The prince was well spoken, dignified and to the point in addressing the pressing issues facing FIFA.
By Editorial - May 28,2015
FIFA has been rocked by the arrests of several of its high-profile officials over the past few days by US and Swiss authorities, just before the slated elections for a new leadership for the world football association, set for today.Even though the incumbent FIFA president, Sepp
By Editorial - May 27,2015
True to their name and image, Daesh terrorists boasted of having committed mass killings after capturing the ancient city of Palmyra, in Syria, last week.According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, extremists belonging to the gang killed over 200 people, i
By Editorial - May 26,2015
US criticism of the Iraqi military’s performance in the battle for Ramadi drew swift criticism from Baghdad.The acrimonious debate that ensued after the loss of Ramadi last week to Daesh militias was triggered by remarks by US Secretary of Defence Ash Carter, on CNN’s “State of t
By Editorial - May 25,2015
A recent World Bank report said the people of Gaza are living literally in a pressure cooker ready to explode and wreak havoc on the area at a moment’s notice.The candid and blunt assessment says that the economy of this 160-square-kilometre territory is destroyed due to the
By Editorial - May 24,2015
Jordan today celebrates its 69th Independence Day anniversary, at a time the region passes through one of the most critical periods in its history.Regional developments certainly pose grave challenges and burdens to Jordan, but they have also tested and proved its resilience, as
By Editorial - May 23,2015
His Majesty King Abdullah’s interview on CNN, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, highlighted a number of challenges facing Jordan and the country’s determination to face them.A major concern for the Kingdom, as well as for the Middle East, which has “the largest youth



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