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By Editorial - Jan 03,2015
The Palestinian Authority Friday applied for membership in the International Criminal Court, just after a resolution it submitted at the UN Security Council, setting a three-year deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state on land occupied by Israel, was defeated. This
By Editorial - Dec 31,2014
The defeat yesterday at the UN Security Council of the draft Arab resolution calling for a one-year timeframe for concluding peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and an end to the Israeli occupation by 2017 is clearly a defeat of the efforts to settle the Israeli-Pales
By Editorial - Dec 30,2014
Arab delegations to the UN on Monday endorsed a Palestinian proposal to reach a peace deal with Israel within a year and end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by late 2017. The draft resolution departed from the traditional position on Jerusalem, which used to be
By Editorial - Dec 29,2014
Moscow is seeking to broker peace talks between Syrian government and opposition figures by engaging in explanatory talks with the two sides before convening a peace conference in Moscow. The Syrian state news agency SANA confirmed that there are “ongoing discussions&rdquo
By Editorial - Dec 28,2014
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour recently presided over an intergovernmental committee formed to develop and adopt a “framework” or vision for the country’s economic and social development for the next 10 years. Trying to formulate an economic and social plan of
By Editorial - Dec 27,2014
Jordanians of all shades of opinion continue to treat the downing of a Jordanian warplane over Syria a few days ago with a great deal of concern over the safety and safe return of its pilot, Muath Kasasbeh, topping this public concern. Details about the manner in which the plane
By Editorial - Dec 24,2014
Today the war against the so-called Islamic State forces takes a more personal note for the Jordanian people. One of theirs was captured Wednesday by the terrorist group now controlling large swathes of Syria and Iraq. Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot Muath Kasasbeh was taken ho
By Editorial - Dec 23,2014
The election of secularist Beji Caid Essebsi as the new president of Tunisia is first and foremost a triumph of democracy in this Arab country. He defeated incumbent pro-Islamist Moncef Marzouki who initially refused to concede defeat, later congratulating his rival. Essebsi ta
By Editorial - Dec 22,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah invited former prime ministers to a roundtable discussion on regional developments and domestic issues. The meeting, one of many the King has been holding “to keep close contact with leading figures of the Jordanian community”, highlights th
By Editorial - Dec 21,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s visit to Bahrain for talks with King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has to be seen in the context of Jordan’s continuous efforts to bolster relations with brethren Arab countries, be they part of the immediate region, North Africa or the Gulf Coo