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By Editorial - Mar 21,2015
President Barack Obama’s cool congratulatory phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his re-election also delivered a stern message, a warning that the US will have to “reassess” its policy towards Israel in view of Netanyahu’s rejection
By Editorial - Mar 19,2015
Some 50 University of Jordan students recently staged a protest against increased tuition fees for parallel and postgraduate studies. The number of protesters may be small, but the issue is big. It could be small because those demonstrating just want to keep the issue alive. P
By Editorial - Mar 18,2015
The curtain is down, the farce has ended and the audience — some of it, at least — is speechlessly stunned. Master performer Benjamin Netanyahu spoke his mind, and that of the majority of Israelis, no doubt, finally putting into words a notion that his country had be
By Editorial - Mar 17,2015
As Syria entered its fifth year of war, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the UN Security Council to take “determined measures” to end the fighting in this Arab country. The UN head said the “Syrian people feel increasingly abandoned by the world as th
By Editorial - Mar 16,2015
Egypt recently announced plans to build a new administrative and business capital east of Cairo. It will house five million people and relieve pressure on Cairo, which is now home to 18 million people. This reminds of calls, over the past years, to build a new capital city for
By Editorial - Mar 15,2015
The Sharm El Sheikh conference on sustainable development in Egypt drew wide support from the international community, especially from the Gulf Arab states, which pledged huge investments in the country, amounting to some $12 billion. This outpouring of support is meant to both
By Editorial - Mar 14,2015
Daily newspapers are sending appeals to the government, Parliament and the Social Security Corporation, which is a major investor in the publishing industry, seeking help and support to surmount the financial burdens brought by weaker sales, increased costs and failed investment
By Editorial - Mar 12,2015
A police car was the first to be caught  violating traffic law on Al Urdun Street on Monday, two seconds after the new traffic cameras were switched on at 11am that day, according to AmmonNews website, which posted a picture of the violation. Unfortunately it happens that s
By Editorial - Mar 11,2015
According to a recent study conducted by the National Centre for Human Rights, 49.5 per cent of all women in Jordanian jails are in “administrative” detention, kept there to protect them from family members who may pose a threat to them for allegedly having engaged in
By Editorial - Mar 10,2015
The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is embarking on an ambitious plan to draft a “general comment” on the role of science and technology in the enjoyment of human rights, in particular economic, social and cultural rights. The Internet has a grea



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