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By Editorial - May 17,2015
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour rightly stated that providing education to Syrian refugee children is Jordan’s “moral and legal” duty. The prime minister’s statement on Syrian children’s right to education was made recently in his capacity also as he
By Editorial - May 16,2015
The Vatican’s entry with the state of Palestine into a treaty governing the activities of the Catholic Church in the Palestinian territories puts the Holy See’s official seal of recognition of Palestine. The Vatican has been treating Palestine as a state since the Un
By Editorial - May 14,2015
His Majesty King Abdullah’s visit to Germany for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other high German officials stands out as one of the most successful official visits the King has made in recent times, in terms of extent of common thoughts and perspectives tha
By Editorial - May 13,2015
According to US Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the US Homeland Security Committee, the US has recently heightened the level of alertness against homegrown terrorism, especially targeting US military bases and installations. In an interview with CNN aired Sunday, Johnson sugges
By Editorial - May 12,2015
His Majesty King Abdullah’s Sunday meeting with representatives of several investment sectors both highlighted the important role they play in boosting the economy and aimed to encourage them, and others, to invest in Jordan, benefiting from the advantages offered by the Ki
By Editorial - May 11,2015
It is not easy for a small country like Jordan to make long-term plans in a volatile region like the Middle East, where anything can happen. Nonetheless, such plans are a must, provided they are evolutionary and take into account best- and worst-case scenarios. This is the case
By Editorial - May 10,2015
According to the Jordan Housing Developers Association, demand for residential units in Amman is projected to outweigh supply as demand continues to grow, especially during the peak summer months when Jordanian expatriates return to the country to spend their summer vacation. Th
By Editorial - May 07,2015
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just about succeeded in forming a coalition that holds parliamentary majority by just one seat. Less than two hours before the midnight deadline Wednesday, Netanyahu forged a deal with the Bayit Yehudi Party, which holds eight precious p
By Editorial - May 06,2015
Israel’s true colours showed when Ethiopian Jews took to the streets to protest their living conditions and the open discrimination against them, and were met with police brutality in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv last Sunday. These black Jews are treated as second-class citize
By Editorial - May 05,2015
In a timely shift in the higher education strategy, the higher education council of the Ministry of Higher Education just announced that more focus will be put on technical education, an area lacking in Jordan as well as in many developed countries. As a first step, a technical



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