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Anatole Kaletsky
By Anatole Kaletsky - Feb 19,2019
LONDON — Has British Prime Minister Theresa May outmanoeuvred all her opponents?
By Anatole Kaletsky - Jan 19,2019
LONDON — If there is one useful conclusion that economists and investors can draw from the crazy year that has just ended — indeed, from the whole crazy decade since the global financial crisis of 2008, it is this: As they say in Hollywood, “Nobody knows anything.” In the film in
By Anatole Kaletsky - Sep 24,2018
LONDON — The United States cannot win its tariff war with China, regardless of what President Donald Trump says or does in the coming months.
By Anatole Kaletsky - Aug 09,2018
LONDON — Will US President Donald Trump back down in his trade war with China, or will he win it? The answer is probably both.
By Anatole Kaletsky - Jul 28,2018
LONDON — If something is impossible, it does not happen. If a country votes to make two plus two equal five, this “democratic decision” will eventually be overridden by the rules of arithmetic, no matter how large the majority or how loudly “the people have spoken”.
By Anatole Kaletsky - Jun 21,2018
ROME — Nationalism versus globalism, not populism versus elitism, appears to be this decade’s defining political conflict.
By Anatole Kaletsky - May 22,2018
BEIJING — The sanctions against Iran reinstated by US President Donald Trump raise two all-important questions that have no convincing answers.
By Anatole Kaletsky - Oct 25,2017
Like many divorce proceedings, Britain’s negotiations with the European Union have reached an impasse that can be broken only by compromise. The solution is for both sides to admit that a permanent new relationship cannot be agreed in the short time remaining until the Brexi
By Anatole Kaletsky - Oct 04,2017
With Germany’s election over, Europe has reached the end of a season of continuous political upsets.
By Anatole Kaletsky - Jul 25,2017
Next month will mark the 10th anniversary of the global financial crisis, which began on August 9, 2007, when Banque National de Paris announced that the value of several of its funds, containing what were supposedly the safest possible US mortgage bonds, had evaporated.From that



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