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Amer Al Sabaileh
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jul 08,2018
The fighting in the south of Syria has been expected for some time and could be the final chapter of the ongoing crisis there. Jordan continues to face multi-dimensional risks from the refugees to security, and the danger of continuous military confrontation on its border.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jul 01,2018
Jordan is facing a pivotal moment where serious decisions based on conviction need to be taken in order to make much needed changes.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 24,2018
Throughout the Syrian crisis, Jordan’s military and security forces have played a major role in maintaining balance and enough stability in the south of Syria in order to contain the violence and prevent it from crossing the border.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 18,2018
Over the last week, Jordan saw the newly-appointed Prime Minister Omar Razzaz given the opportunity and Royal blessing to take control at such a critical time and make his mark in history by forging a new path ahead.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 11,2018
The recent wave of protests in Jordan should be considered not just to understand the motivation, but also the potential to attract more Jordanians and the extent of organisation and unity amongst those protesting.The economic hardship and political frustration that have driven J
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 03,2018
In recent years, Jordan has faced various challenges, including regionally due to the ongoing crises in Syria and Iraq.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - May 27,2018
Following the US announcement of 12 demands for Iran, the bilateral relationship has shifted to a more aggressive stance, with a distinct chance of violent outbreak.The American call for Iran to withdraw its military and allied groups from Syria could be one trigger for escalatio
By Amer Al Sabaileh - May 21,2018
With President Trump’s announcement that the US is withdrawing from the nuclear agreement, the pressure on Iran and its activities in the region is increasing.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - May 13,2018
All economic indicators suggest that Jordan is facing a critical moment, and the recent financial measures taken by the government are creating widespread anger amongst Jordanians.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - May 06,2018
Recent weeks have seen the hostility between Iran and Israel develop from a secretive conflict to come out into the open.



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