AMMAN — Police are searching for two men who allegedly attacked the vehicle of the head of security at a local university on Saturday, official sources said.

The head of the security office at Al al Bayt University was returning home to Mafraq when he was reportedly chased by a vehicle with two men inside it, Public Security Department (PSD) Spokesperson Lt. Col. Mohammad Khatib said, adding that he drove into a gas station in an attempt to avoid being attacked.

“The two men followed him to the gas station, emerged from their vehicle and hit his vehicle with wooden sticks, breaking the windows and damaging the vehicle,” the police official told The Jordan Times.

The perpetrators then sped off in their vehicle, he added.

The security official said he knew one of the attackers and claimed he was a university student, according to the PSD spokesperson.

“We are searching for the university student and have enough information about the second suspect and his vehicle to eventually find the two and arrest them,” Khatib said, adding that the cause of the attack remains under investigation.

“We do not have any idea why he was attacked, but our investigation and the arrest of the two suspects will hopefully give us some answers,” he said.