AMMAN — The UK on Monday commended Jordan’s political and economic reform measures, praising its humanitarian role towards Syrian refugees in its territory.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Tuesday, Alistair Burt, parliamentary undersecretary of state at the foreign and commonwealth office, lauded Jordan’s reform endeavour, noting that many countries in the world are embarking on economic reform now due to the global financial crisis

Underscoring the “historic” ties between Jordan and the UK, Ensour thanked the British government for its support to the Kingdom to help it bear the economic burden imposed by hosting Syrian refugees.

The premier acquainted Burt with the Kingdom’s comprehensive reform process, stressing that parliamentary elections will be held on schedule, on January 23, 2013.

He also highlighted the recent economic measures taken by the government, including lifting fuel subsidies and replacing them with direct cash support for underprivileged and middle-income families.

Ensour added that the government also adopted a restructuring plan for its agencies and departments, adding that the priority now is to improve the development process in a manner that will create job opportunities and reduce unemployment.

Also Monday, Ensour met with former Dutch prime minister and current president of the Club of Madrid Wim Kok and the accompanying delegation, which also includes former Finnish president Tarja Halonen.

The premier underlined the important role women play in the sustainable development process and the need for women to actively engage in the Kingdom’s political life.

“We are proud in Jordan of the role Her Majesty Queen Rania plays in supporting women and enhancing their participation in public life,” Ensour noted.

The Club of Madrid is an independent non-profit organisation created to promote democracy and change in the international community.

Composed of former presidents and prime ministers from 58 countries, the group is the world’s largest forum of former heads of state and government.