AMMAN — Syrian refugees continue to pour into Jordan by the thousands, the government said on Tuesday, with over 3,000 Syrians entering the country between Monday night and Tuesday morning alone.

Government Spokesperson Samih Maaytah told The Jordan Times that the number of Syrians fleeing to Jordan fluctuated based on the level of violence in Syria, but has averaged around 1,000 per day.

“The Syrian refugees are taken straight from the borders to the Zaatari Refugee Camp [near Mafraq] immediately after they are received by Jordan Armed Forces troops, who provide them with the services they need upon arrival into Jordanian territory,” the minister said.

Maaytah acknowledged that residents of northern border towns were urging the government to take measures to protect their safety after five projectiles hit the town of Torrah, to the north of Ramtha, injuring at least five citizens.

Those injured in the incident were hospitalised afterward, but have since left hospital, he said, and the situation on the northern border is currently calm.

According to Maaytah, Syria told the government that the projectiles had landed in Jordan unintentionally.

Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said on his Twitter feed that the ministry had summoned Syrian Ambassador to Jordan Bahjat Suleiman over the incident and handed him a strong message of condemnation.

Judeh added that Suleiman had sent his deputy chief of mission instead because he was “busy”.