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  • Seventh generation Sonata

    A follow-up to Hyundai’s radically styled sixth generation Sonata circa 2010, the new 2015 model year seventh generation is an evolutionary but thoroughly redesigned, made-over new model with significant engineering improvements.

  • Generation Y love their smartphones — deal with it

    You’ve seen them shuffling down the street, eyes glued to four-inch (10.16cm) screens, fingers tip-tapping away. To say that young people are in love with their smartphones would be an understatement: It’s more like they’re obsessed, confirms a new study out by Zogby Analytics. Full story

  • The worldwide battle between utilities and solar

    A year after Spain, the sunniest country in Europe, issued notice of a law forcing solar energy-equipped homes and offices to pay a punitive tax, architect Inaki Alonso re-installed a 250 watt solar panel on a beam over his Madrid roof terrace. Full story

Saudi Arabia warns of Yemeni violence challenge

Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia has warned that neighbouring Yemen.

Poll : What is the possibility of a Sunni uprising against the Islamic State in Iraq?
  • Highly possible
  • Somewhat possible
  • Not possible