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  • Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart on ‘Daily Show’

    Trevor Noah, a South African comedian little known to US audiences, will replace Jon Stewart as the host of the Emmy Award-winning, late-night parody newscast “The Daily Show”, Comedy Central said on Monday. Full story

  • Demystifying the buffet

    The buffet meal scene may resemble the siege of the Bastille. Somehow, ordinarily sensible people fear that the food will be taken away before they get some, or that others will take all of the choice items, leaving them to munch on radishes. Full story

  • Mass tourism forces mobbed museums to overhaul welcome

    Mass tourism spurred by cheap flights and richer emerging economies is forcing the world’s top museums to rethink their welcome, notably by boosting access, embracing apps and improving ancillary services such as eateries and gift shops. Full story

Jordanian-US cooperation never been closer — ambassador

The US is working with Jordan to prioritise the Kingdom’s.

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