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What's on

Mar 30,2015


Easter Recital —  Performance by the Jordan Byzantine Choir at Our Lady for Roman Catholic Melkites Church on April 3 at 7pm. Tickets: JD3.              Tel: 0777824982 or 0799207200 


Piano concert by Pablo at Royal Cultural Centre on April 18 at 7:30pm. Free entry.



Both Sides of the River — Photo exhibition of works by Kelvin Bown at Zara Gallery.  Until March 31.                                                         Tel: 4651433


Memory and Nostalgia — Exhibition of works by Qahtan Al-Ameen at Dar Al Anda Art Gallery. Until April 8. Tel: 4629599


Travelling — Exhibition of works by Maha Khoury at Orient Gallery. Until April 9. Tel: 5931331


Nuwa Creations — Exhibition of works by Katia Al Tal at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Until April 13.                    Tel: 4636939


Bethlehem — Exhibition of works by Sina Ata at  Jacaranda Images. Until April 15. Tel: 4644050


7x7 Arab Female Artists — Group exhibition at the Cairo Amman Bank Gallery. Until April 16.                   Tel: 4637316


A Star is as Far as the Eye Can See and as Near as My Eye is to Me  — Exhibition of works by Emily Jacir at Darat Al Funun. Until April 23. Tel: 4643251


Horizons — Exhibition of works by Clara Amado at Instituto Cervantes. Until April 30. Tel: 4610858


Retrospective — Exhibition of works by Olga Sinclair at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Building 1. Until May 2. Tel: 4630128