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What's on

Apr 22,2014




HIWAR –– Conversations in Amman. 14 artists from the Arab world, Africa, Asia and Latin America in Amman for residencies. It also features works by 15 artists from the Khalid Shoman Collection. At Darat Al Funun, 13 Nadim Al Mallah St, Luweibdeh. Until April 30.                        Tel: 4643251


Discourse of Silence –– by Saadi Al Kaabi. Until April 30. At Orient Gallery, Abdoun, 92 Al Sweis St. Tel: 5931331


Born Free — Exhibition by Shereen Audi at Zara Gallery. Tel: 4651433


Colours also Wait — exhibition by Riadh Al Shaar at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Until April 24. Tel: 4636939



Bold Impressions — An exhibition of paintings, sculptures and digital prints by six Jordanian artists at Nabad Art Gallery. Until May 14.           Tel: 4655084



The 6th Annual Amman Contemporary Dance Festival ––  Organised by the National Centre for Culture and Arts, until April 25, at the Royal Cultural Centre.